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Sharla Smith asked a question

Alot of lawyers have replied that I have a case. I will just have to find the "right box it fits in" with a lawyer willing and able to take it to Federal court. I was told libel & slander was one way. That violation of my civil rights was another.. She put me threw HELL & I have the audio of he lies my niece recorded. I have proof they are lies!

I know this is exstreamly long. I didn't know how to shorten it with out it being even more confusing. A cival law attorney in Az that knows this case says I DO have a violation of civil rights case and a liable & slander case. He can not take the case because it's against Oklahoma CPS & he only practices in Az. A Oklahoma case worker removed a 13 day old infant from my home. Three District directors reinvested the case & overturned her findings. Changed everything & they said sorry she didn't understand Az. laws & paperwork I had. She was suspended for 21 days & so far is not back out investigating. I will NEVER get my baby back!

I was in the middle of the process of adopting my great nephew. Ever since October 2016. I had been talking back and forth with the biological mother my niece to adopt him. She wanted him to stay in the family. She was gonna see pics and kno all about him daily as she wanted to. She could not mentally emotionally or financially provide for her & the two babies she already has. She was on meth & in a bad place in her life when she found out she was 3 months pregnant with another baby. She didn't know who the dad was at that time & had no home. Was staying where ever she could. So I helped her with groceries, gas, battery for her car, medicine for her son, jus anything she needed. By the time that January got here I had talked to 3 local lawyers, a lady that does foster care & a legal document preparer in Arizona. I found the lawyer I was going to use here in Okla. Everyone was in agreeance & thought we were doing everything proper. I paid the legal prepare in Arizona in February to start paperwork for the guardianship. We double checked with a lawyer in Arizona. He said all sounds good. Contact him if I need him for any reason out there for court. Talked to the lady at the court house in Az about doing it all telephonically. Just before the baby was born Nicole gave me a Parental Power of Attorney to use as soon as the baby was born. That would get me through until the guardianship could be completed. We had it done like that due to the biological mother using drugs. I wanted to be prepared to be able to face any medical decisions we might face. A parental power of attorney gave me more rights to do that. We had to wait until we knew the birthday and the name before guardianship could be filed. The father is unknown so she has to run it in the newspaper. The lady at the courthouse who I file it through was already contacted by my Arizona legal document preparer & she said she would walk me through it when it when its time for court over guardianship.. Everyone has set this up telephonically & through mail. The baby was born April 29th. It was to be a simple open family adoption. The mother wanted him to stay in the family and to be able to have pictures daily & to have contact with him when the time was right. His biological grandmother his biological aunt and his biological mother had all agreed and was happy that instead of him going to an adoption agency to a stranger that he would have so much love staying in this family. Everyone was completely happy with the way things were going. I got the parental power of attorney notarized. The hospital had the biological mom sign paperwork of their own stating that she is giving custody of the baby to me & that I am able to perform any and all duties as the mother herself. Medical or Surgical. I signed paperwork stating that I am taking on them responsibilities of the baby. There were a few social workers that we talk to. CPS did a home check on the biological mom due to the fact of drug use while pregnant and talk to her about her drug use in the past. They told her they found nothing wrong in her house to be alarmed about. They cleared me to fly home with the baby. I emailed & called Nicole the (legal document preparer) to make sure it was okay for me to come home and finish paperwork with her by mail cuz the baby had been released from the hospital. Nicole was out of office for a few days. I called the lawyer in Arizona and my lawyer in Oklahoma. My lawyer in Oklahoma returned my phone call, he said it was fine as long as nobody had a problem with it for me to come home & do the rest of the paper telephonically & by mail. Then they lawyer in Arizona answered me & he said the same. The next week when Nicole got back in the office she said yes everything's fine to do it this way. After I had been here and within 13 days of him being born I got his shots, He had his first doctor's appointment, He was put on medical ins, He was signed up for WIC, & he also had been circumsized. The Doctor Who did the circumcision got copies of all the papers as did everyone who I seen about the baby. He spoke to the biological mother on the phone to confirm she was okay with the circumcision. The mother had pictures everyday & was involved in everything I was doing with the baby. Everything was going amazing the grandmother and the biological aunt everyone had pictures and contact with him through Snapchat and Facebook. Friday the 5th I got the money order to pay the lawyer in Broken Bow his retainer cuz I had a appointment set up with him for the following Wed. the 10th @ 2. (Ok Cps told Az. cps that I did not have a lawyer) He had been talking to me through this whole thing. Nicole was faxing paperwork back & forth from Arizona to the lawyer here in Broken Bow Ok Sean Huffman that I had been talking with for 4 months.

The day after he was circumsized CPS shows up at my door. I never really knew what for. Honestly I just thought that maybe this was part of the adoption process. I always thought CPS was there to help. When they showed up I was not expecting anyone. I had shorts on that were just comfortable for around the house. My baby was in the swing I was boiling bottles & cleaning house. One of the ladies come in. Valerie stayed out in the car on the phone for about 45 minutes. The other lady assured me that it must have been important or she would not be that long. We sat & talked politely about nothing important. Then when Valerie the CPS caseworker came in she was smiling & saying sorry. I was a little caught off guard. I said excuse me for the clothes I wasn't expecting anyone. Within minutes she seen my legs & the scars under the tattoos I have now. You could tell her demeanor completely changed towards me fast. I told them both I am very sorry that I do not wear these shorts out in public they are just comfortable shorts for at home. I could tell there was an issue with it. It made me feel very uncomfortable. Immediately they become very sharp & short. I felt like they were actually teaming up on me. The lady that had been sitting in my house completely flipped to a different person when Valerie came in & started in with questions. She had asked me about the circumcision. I explained the day before that the doctor had copies of all the paperwork. That the mother had talked to the Dr. I got up to get my folder that I keep all of the paperwork in. I have given everyone I have talked to concerning this baby copies of all paperwork. She told me she did not need to see it. I did try and explain that it was a parental power of attorney and that it was different from just a power of attorney. That we had it setup like that due to the fact that I was worried about the biological mother's drug use during pregnancy. So mind you she has been told about the reason I have been working with the mom to adopt the baby. Again she said I don't need to see anything so I put the paperwork folder back down. I knew better. Everyone else always wanted to see all my papers. She never actually said that there was an issue and giving him a circumcision. The conversation about that was short. Then she went straight to the scars on my legs. I was getting nervous she was asking me when the last time I cut. I had been up with a baby for 13 days I could feel the tension. I was trying to count years to get it right. It did sound like I was confused because I was trying to explain to her each tattoo was a year that I had went without cutting. That one tattoo was a cover-up & that I first got them two years after not cutting. Trying to add everything she just cut me off. She started asking about medication, doctors & counseling. I told them I was on a light antidepressant & xanax due to my mom passing away jus 8 months earlier. The 2nd lady counted my Xanax it was all there they counted my antidepressants. She said she's not taking them. I said no you tell her how many I didn't take. You counted them I want her to know how many I did not take. She said are you calling me a liar? I said no I just want it on paperwork how many I missed. I missed four out of a month's worth after going to Arizona to pick up a baby coming back, doing all of the stuff for the newborn & I missed 4! She asked me about counseling I told her I had seen a counselor in the past that I had been released from my counselor over 4 years ago due to the counselor telling me I was no longer in need of the services. I told her I see a doctor every month & I was fixing to come off of the antidepressant & we desided since I was getting a newborn it might be wise to stay on it just a little while longer till I adjust to the baby. She ask about drugs & marijuana. We talked about my marijuana charges from May 2011 but wasn't in court till Jan 2012. Other then that I have not had any issues or trouble. She said don't lie to me cuz I can test you right now & can tell what & when you smoked last. I told her as far as meth it's been right at 11 years. & I told her that before the baby was even born I had taken it upon myself to stop smoking marijuana. I told her I had two hits out of a bowl since before the baby had been here. No marijuana was ever in my house. I stood at the back door in plain view of the baby sleeping & took 2 hits from a friend's pipe. Then she started in about my exboyfriend. I said he no longer stays here. They said since he had stayed here 15 to 20 days means he lived here. His grandmother & mother that he was living with passed away in February & March. His uncle 60 days later had him move out. He stayed here periodically until he could figure out where he was going to stay. He had moved all his clothes out a day after the baby got here. She said where is he? I said at work. She said I thought you said he didn't live here. I said he doesn't live here I just know he's at work. I said Sunday & Monday night he slept in his vehicle in the yard. That I could prove it because we was texting back & forth. He had nowhere else to go and we were not mad at each other so I let him sleep in the yard 2 nights until he found a place to go. His uncle took the house they lived in back in May. I had txt to prove everything I said. I told her I plan on quitting marijuana completely. She said they have classes I could get into. I said I would love any help offered. I don't mind classes or assistance. She ask me about a harboring a fugitive charge back in 2005. I was nervous and I told her it was hard to explain but Bryan County Jail accidentally released my ex-husband and I picked him up from a bails bondsman at Taco Bell. I did send her the newspaper clippings that next day to prove it saying he was accidentally released to his wife. Bryan County had had two people escape then another person Escape then accidentally released Jason my ex-husband all.in a very short time. So I honestly didn't know he was a fugitive they had just released him to me. I had told her everything I had done with the baby since his birth. I had got tears in my eyes by the end of the conversation and she said what is wrong. I said I don't understand what is going on & y'all are just making me nervous. She said nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong at all, jus calm down. We don't ever take babies away for marijuana use. She gave me the pamphlet about what CPS does an asked me for 5 references. She said I could bring it when I came in the following morning. She told me to just come in & start the classes. I said ok I will be there at 10. Then as she was leaving she said don't you think you're too old to be doing this? I just looked at her confused & said doing what? She said taking on a newborn. I said no! I have nothing but love & time to give to this baby. I said he needs me & I need him that this was a blessing. She said it has been a long time since you had kids. I said I have grandbabies. She said yeah but you send grandbabies home this one will be here 24/7 & now we will have to keep coming out here and checking to make sure you're able to take care of him. I'm only 47. I told her she is just judging me from the minute she walked in the door & seen my scars. I gave her a very close friends name that is a CPS worker in the same place, that she works. She can vouch for me right then if needed. I gave her two of my children's phone numbers as she was leaving & said call them.
She left came back 2 hours later with an emergency warrant to remove the baby. She never gave me any paperwork or any reason to why they was taking him. She never even got out of the vehicle I had to walk out there & tap on the window she was on the phone but rolled it down. She would only ask me who did I call when she left? I said what? She said who did you call when I left? I said, My friend Mindy that works at the CPS, that I told you was a very close friend to get advice. Because I don't know anything about this stuff. She rolled the window up on me & I never to talk to her. I kept tapping on it asking what was the reason behind this she would not answer. I walked around to the driver's side the door was open I asked again. She said she doesn't have to tell me anything I have no rights to the baby. That he was going to a foster home. Not one piece of paper not one explanation the only thing, all she did was roll down the window & want to know who I contacted. Then she put the window back up and ignored me as they took my baby. I had no clue why they took him and no clue what I should do. How am I supposed to tell the biological mother I just got our baby taken away and I don't even know where to or why. & this lady jus told me she doesn't have to tell me anything that I don't have any rights to my own baby. When I called Mindy back scared out of my mind sick to death with worry and so hurt. Totally losing it. Come to find out her and Mindy has had words (pretty big argument) When I told her Mindy could vouch for me apparently I hit a sore spot with Mindy's name. They blocked Mindy from the case immediately. But still to this day she has not talked to Mindy one time about being a character reference for me. They would not give me any information from that point on. I did not get told about any meeting with the mother, the show cause hearing, nothing at all. Mindy & I asked if she could be the foster home. She does have another foster child in her home. Valerie rudely said he has a home I've already placed him in. They would not even tell the mother anything until the next day. Then Valerie calls the mother & tells her I was unstable and this wasn't not fit home for her son. She told her I would never be getting the baby back that he would stay in foster care. Then ask her if she wanted him back. How can Valerie say that to a lady she don't know, & that had jus give her baby away. Shouldn't Valerie have to have some type of proof of all She is saying. She had only knew me less then 24 hours. Did not check with my kids, anyone who knew me, or my physician, or even a cps coworker. I don't know what else she told her that day. Me and the mom got into it and stop talking pretty much at that point. She told me all of this was my fault that I got her baby put in foster care not her. That she trusted me to keep her baby safe and look where he ended up. I do know Valerie told Az. Dps I did not have a lawyer. Arizona Dps ask for the baby back is all they would tell me. Said I was not fit or have a stable household for that baby with zero proof. My house is a three-bedroom home on an acre of land completely spotless. Not one person to back that claim up. I did too have rights. (I eventually got the Oklahoma Commission for Children and Youth, OCCY.GOV investigate their self. The lady told me that was investigating, that she talked to an attorney and showed him my paperwork & that he said my paperwork was in a sense just like Guardianship. I should have been told everything & treated equally as a parent/guardian. At that point she told me I might want to contact a lawyer to find out what I can and can't do) I also told Valerie that the paperwork was different. That it was more than jus power of attorney. I tried to give her the lawyers phone number so she could call & talk to him himself. I had an appointment with him at 2 the next day to pay him & sign the paperwork that Arizona had sent him. I had the money order for 5 days made out to the lawyer. I finally talk to Valerie's supervisor that evening about 6 that evening they took him. They said due to the circumstances & I did not have the guardianship papers finished that Arizona wanted him back in the state of Arizona. I asked why the emergency removal & why can't he stay with Mindy in foster care. They said somethings in my past concern to them for the safety of the baby. Again they ask about my ex boyfriend. I told them that he was completely out of my house on the first. Well apparently they didn't do much checking on him either. He is actively in church for 11 months four different churches could vouch for him. I drug test anyone before I just believe. He was clean they whole time we dated besides 2 times.. Once was right after loosing his mom what left for 4 days. & He left for 3 days & messed up right b4 I went to Az. I let him stay at my house till I got home with the baby. He put in carpet, watched my dogs & took care of the house while I was gone. Again we didn't know if this was going to be a drug baby & I would have to be gone for a while. My ex-boyfriend was someone who was already familiar & I trusted to be at my home with my animals. He left day after we got back as friends. I took pictures of our conversation & sent them to Valerie as proof there is dates & exactly what I told her was what was in every text. I started blowing her fone up with copies, forwarding emails from everyone involved, & pictures of EVERY CONVERSATION I had with every single person from the very beginning. Everything I had said I could back up. And I did. Valerie pushed the mom till she revoke they parental power of attorney. I found out that there was a show cause hearing from the district director & showed up myself. I went into the meeting with the caseworker Valerie & the DA Emily. I still at that point tried to show her my paperwork. We was doing a lot of arguing back & forth because she was telling me Arizona wanted the baby back & I had no right to circumcise him. I still kept trying to show her my paperwork. When I had got there the court paper for the show cause hearing was already filled out. They never told me why they said the baby was in harm. When we finally went before the judge the only thing the judge said was the baby belongs in Arizona it is a Arizona resident & they want things done there. He wished me luck at getting everything completed in the adoption. They actually hand wrote that in at the bottom of the paperwork that he said Az wants the baby returned. I talked to Emily about that. The judge never said that the baby was in danger or in harm.Then the mother revote the parental power of attorney & changed her mind on the adoption after talking to Valerie (cps worker)! **On the 12th the CPS called the biological mother again, there were three different people on the phone with the biological mother makes four. The biological mother recorded the CPS child safety meeting they had with her. Occy.gov says I should have been a part of that meeting also. Before Valerie checked ANY of her information, talk to anyone who actually knew me, called my doctor or anything not followed any protocols, she told the mother I stopped taking my medication. I was fishy about when I cut that she's jus not sure bout that, (acting like it was recent) & that I have had a drug problem in the past (11-13 years ago meth) & she said I told her I smoke weed 24/7, & that I have a criminal record. (possession of marijuana) said that I was not taking my medication & that I had stopped my counseling. Total LIES. That I did not have a stable place for the baby. I'm talking 26 minutes of her telling this mother (my niece) horrible things about me to her. If I was the mother I would want my child back to. Every single thing that Valerie said was either a lie or 11 to 14 years ago. The biological mother already knew everything anyway she's family. She was weak at this point was missing her son & sure wanted him out of the system. What Valerie was saying got her to want her baby sent back to Arizona. Not only did I hear the audio, the mother sent it out to 17 different people saying see she got him put in the system that's why I wanted him back. She had already talked to Valerie the day before and had planned to record this. Valerie even hinted that I mess with meth. I have not touched that in 11 years! She made me doubt everything about myself. Do I need more counseling? Am I crazy? Am I a bad person? Was all of this my fault? I was on a rollercoaster of emotions after hearing that audio. And knowing that so many people has heard it is devastating. Every time I run into someone they say oh I'm so sorry I heard what happened I got the Audio too. I went around of my own I got a letter from my doctor I got proof that the things she was accusing me of was either not true or way in the past. I had everything gathered up for her but she wouldn't see me. I had tried and tried and tried to get in to meet her to close this case. She avoided me for two weeks. I filed a grievance against her. If she would have just checked with anyone who knows me now & checked with my children & got my doctors statement none of this would have ever happened. The mother would not have backed out. This case worker Valerie literally cost me an adoption a baby a little boy that I knew about for seven months & bonded with for 13 days. A baby who I thought was going to be in my life, my son forever. A baby that my grandbabies had all held played with and fell in love with. A baby that my children had already opened their arms, took him in as their little brother. A baby that was going to have an awesome life with such a big family. She never went by one single protocol. Now the mother has all the say-so in it. There's no way she can give him away a second time. She said I caused him to be in the system. She jus wants him back. I have every single email back and forth to all the lawyers all the documentation at the hospital all the documentation from the social workers all the documentation needed to show Valerie there was no reason to take the baby out of the house. I sent her every single document she had time to investigate and make right with Arizona before they flew him out 6 days later. IF the only reason was because he was a legal Az. resident. They why remove him and put him in a foster home for 6 days till he flew back to Az. He was in no danger and mom knew where he was! I had parental power of attorney over him and custody through the hospital records that was all notarized the day he was born. I have all the documentation on every conversation and document that I have sent to the CPS. She is what caused this baby to be given back to a woman who was doing drugs the first four months of the pregnancy & was homeless all but 5 weeks of the pregnancy. I will NEVER have MY son back & it's all due to Valerie. I told her every bit of this before they flew him out Monday. She went away on a mini vacation that weekend. So I started dealing with the district director Lynn. I sent her everything I have sent Valerie. They say Valerie walks around the office saying I wonder how many kids I can go yank out of their homes & I wonder how many newborns are at the hospital I can go pick up. They say she takes a lot of children out of homes that don't need to be. I finally did get to have my meeting with her and was told I should be getting the paperwork in the mail within a week. I wait Patiently. I keep them informed of the occy investigation. I filed a grievance with the local CPS office. CPS thought somebody else was doing the grievance so they never started it. Lynn thought occy was doing the grievance. Occy.gov said they have nothing to do with grievance that they make sure the CPS are following policies and procedures.. so I have to get back in touch with Idabel office about the grievance. Lynn said she would do it herself. 8 weeks was when I thought was the longest that they could take to close this case. The biological mother told me if they would just close the case and clear things up at 8 weeks she would consider letting me adopt the baby still. I had to get a hold of Lynn at 10 weeks and throw a fit for this letter. I talked to Valerie on the phone & she told me the only person she was able to get ahold of was my doctor. For me to have the biological mother call her & she would jus tell her everything is alright. They think I have that recorded but I actually don't. She said twice to have the biological mother call her & she would tell her everything's fine. I told her the biological mother don't want to talk to her she already has she wants to see the paperwork & case closed. I was sending Lynn the messages at the same time. Lynn told me a few minutes later that I could come get the letter they would close the case today. I go up there two hours later after Valerie telling me it's all good jus have the mom call her. & pick up the paperwork & it said substantiated! I freaked out I want to know what Valerie was going to tell the biological mother when she called?? How can she keep telling me it was alright just have the mom call she will tell her everything's fine. Then two hours later say it was substantiated. Not once but TWICE she made me lose this baby. The biological mother will never give me another try and I don't blame her. For a second time Valerie put on paper that I was not a good place for that baby. How is it substantiated when still not one single person supposably besides " supposably" my doctor was contacted. **I went back into the office to here Lynn tell me what was supposedly substantiated 3 days later. Lynn advised me that her & two other District directors has looked over the case & they want to reopen it & go over the whole thing themselves. To give her till the following Monday. In the meantime I go have a doctor's visit. I asked my doctor about that conversation she supposedly had with Valerie. My doctor said she was a bald-faced liar that she has never spoke to Valerie, Valerie has never called up there & tried to contact her & she wouldn't know that woman if she was standing in front of her. My doctor was very upset. I text Lynn & told her. I ask how many lies can this lady tell & get away with it? 6 days later she calls me & tells me that they have changed it to unsubstantiated. That they do not believe that there was any threat of harm. That Valerie would be punished accordingly but they could not tell me exactly what their policies on that are. That the grievance would go on up the chain. My friend at CPS said that same day Valerie got sent home. Still not one single person was contacted in this entire investigation that I put down as a personal reference or anyone that I know of that even knows me. They won't tell me exactly what the reason of threat of harm was. They said my case is closed & there is nothing I can do about the paperwork at the courthouse that says I neglected my baby. I DO have the recording of Lynn telling me about the case being changed & that Valerie or somebody accidentally dropped the ball. That Valerie just didn't understand Arizona laws. That normally if a state is receiving a baby from another state, the state that the baby comes from will contact the State the baby is going to. Arizona apparently doesn't do that. I'm not actually sure she went round & round on the phone about how & why they come to the decision they did & bout the grievance. I DO have them recorded. She put me through such an emotional rollercoaster so many different times. Lies! When she told me the only person she had talked to was my doctor & then I pick up the paper and its substantiated. Can you imagine what was going through my head that my doctor could have told her. I felt like I was pushed off a ledge I have went into such a deep depression I doubt everything about myself everything I have accomplished over the last 10 years she has made me question & doubt. She has made my own family doubt me from hearing that audio. There was a moment that my own daughter-in-law would not let me keep my three grandbabies because they did not understand what CPS knew that was so bad about me. She has tore down everything it took me so long to build & get over. I am on stronger medication for depression, & I am on restless leg medicine now. I have such horrible dreams about the baby & me being a bad parent. She made me wonder if God took this baby away from me on purpose because I'm not mentally able to have another chance with a son. I honestly feel like she judged me & for my age and past cutting history! She never gave me a chance to prove myself b4 telling my Niece & Az. From a 15 minute visit. My house is spotless & that baby had everything you could imagine brand new. Double of most things from friends that could be carried outside. The court records say at the bottom that the baby was to be returned to Arizona. That's all the judge cared about. But the paperwork shows neglect. I will never have the chance to show my son how much I truly love him. He will never know how hard I fought every single day doing this case workers job because she wouldn't. My son is gone I don't know where that leaves me.

Written October 2017 on a Monday (2017-10-02)

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